From: Robert Crawford
Written Tuesday, 7:15PM

Dear Greenhouse Owners,

Allow me to unleash your inner green thumb when you build the greenhouse of your dream with these easy tips and techniques for constructing and maintaining your very own “Garden of Eden” that will reward you with plants, vegetables, fruit and SO much more.

I mean, there are just so many things that you probably haven't thought about.

And, to be perfectly honest, by not knowing these "secret methods", if you will, you are practically just walking on a tight rope, and that'll cost you heavily.

Even if you know a little bit about the "greenhousing art" I assure you all that is doing is widening and shortening that rope a little bit, making it slightly easier.

By acting on the advice I spoon-feed you in my instant-download digital manual "The Layman's Guide to Greenhouse Mastery", you'll be getting rid of the rope all together, with no need to walk the tight rope.

The hard work has been done, you simply put it into practice.

Sound hard?

If so, this is probably not for you.

If you think you can take it on then pay close attention because...


"In Just Moments From Now, You'll be Learning Things Like the Number-One Mistake Made by More than 75% of Greenhouse Owners and 6 COMPULSORY Items that No Greenhouse Can Operate Without & MUCH MORE!"


You see, to really master the profession, you need to do a heck of a lot of research.

Now, you already know that in my digital ebook all that research has already been done, laid out in simple steps, methods and plenty of golden nuggets of advice!

And, I'm guessing that you probably know that Cross-pollinating is an excellent method for creating your own personalized shade of flowers.

Or even to control your plants growth!

But before mastering this delicate art, you must first browse page 34 for a lesson on the “birds and the bees” of plants!

I'll see you through every single step of the way, and it'll be like you'd hired a pro to do the whole thing for you - it's THAT easy.



"Take a Time Out to Familiarize Yourself With the Valuable Gems of Information that'll Ensure Things Don't Go HORRIBLY Wrong - Beginner OR Pro!"


The 3 internationally renowned greenhouses explained on page 7 grow thousands of species of plants and flowers in jaw-dropping quantities…discover why their “high-yield” techniques have botanists everywhere scratching their heads!

Hold it! Before you spend a PENNY on greenhouse building materials, make sure you take care of the 3 pre-planning essentials revealed on page 12 -- or else risk wasting ALL your time, money and effort!

Have YOU made the requisite phone call to the local government office disclosed on page 11? If you haven’t, it’s time to dial their number TODAY for startling info that could make or breakyour greenhouse plans!

You could have paid a certified accountant to calculate your budget, but if you haven’t included the 6 items discussed on page 13 that no greenhouse can operate without, you could already be hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars in the hole -- without even knowing it! 

To find out why you can’t build a greenhouse just anywhere, turn to page 17 -- where you'll learn why “the backyard” may NOT be an appropriate location! Prepare yourself to be surprised!

Four walls and a ceiling is all it takes to build a sturdy greenhouse, right? WRONG -- and you’ll learn exactly WHY it takes these 4 vital components on page 19 that are part of the healthiest, most productive greenhouses in the world!

One of the 4 framing types described on page 21 MUST be selected when building your greenhouse…zoom there NOW to learn the criteria that determines which one is right for YOU!

Any of the 3 varieties of greenhouse windows revealed on page 21 can safely enclose your greenhouse, but DEMAND a quality brand if the clerk at the home improvement store recommends the “third choice!”

So you’ve purchased your greenhouse materials and you’re ready to construct? Just keep in mind the 6 “Tenets of Greenhousing” passed-down on page 24 when building to ensure a plant-pushing greenhouse that will re-earn your investment in no time!

If there was ever a time to read the coveted construction guidelines described on page 26, it’s now -- BEFORE you’ve started constructing on your own and without this “expert guidance!

I devoted painstaking attention-to-detail when I created the list of more than 40 common greenhouse favorites and their “botanist-approved” temperature profiles, including many hardy, temperature-adaptive plants that are PERFECT for beginners and pros alike! (p. 28)

Controlling temperature and humidity levels can be nerve-wracking for even commercial agriculturists…unless you discover “the trick” on page 30 to regulating these elements in near-perfect balance, EVERY SINGLE time!

You can purchase a handful of seeds of almost any plant variety for pennies on the dollar, but I can almost guarantee that they’ll NEVER sprout…unless you take the 6 simple steps laid-out on page 32 that make ALL the difference!

Cross-pollinate like a botanist in a university lab with these 7 exclusive tips for maximizing the chances of successful pollinationincluding the readily-available, “one-cent” tool that makes it easier than EVER! (p. 37) 

Gardening in-doors means that BATTLING seedling-savaging bugs and pests is a totally different fight, so take it to ‘em with the bug-blasting tips and tricks exposed on page 39...

…But DON’T exterminate these 3 “Buddy Bugs” praised on page 40 -- unless, that is, you want to eradicate the very organisms that enrich the growth and soil of your precious plants!

The “World-Renowned Experts” of greenhouse gardening commend me for including what they claim is “…some of the BEST advice you can get about nurturing in-door plants!” And you can get it with a simple click, or flick (if you decided to print it out) to page 41!

On page 42, I’ve pinpointed the Number-One mistake made by more than 75% of greenhouse owners when it comes to regulating temperature and humidity -- do YOU know why this creates the poorest, most growth-stifling conditions imaginable?

If the economic crisis has you strapped for cash, put money in your pocket by planting with this ingenious growing system introduced on page 43 that doesn’t need a speck of expensive dirt or compost and sprouts plants that thrive just as well as those grown in the RICHEST of soils!

Gardening the organic way is the key to avoiding hazardous pesticides and other noxious substances found on store-bought plants and produce, and when you turn to page 48, I’ll divulge the secrets to easily and efficiently growing organic plantsincluding one simple but oft-forgotten ingredient you MUST have!

Nothing could be easier than capitalizing on a greenhouse to literally make profits on “autopilot,” and when you open-up to page 56, I’ll arm you with the exclusive tips and methods used by professional and hobbyist growers alike to earn non-stop cash from their hobby!…

…And when you do some simple “instant marketing” to these 6 goldmines of agriculture addicts, you’ll awake the next morning to a crowd of anxious buyers lining up right outside your greenhouse, CASH IN HAND!

Many greenhouse hopefuls get overwhelmed and discouraged BEFORE they even decide what plants they want to grow, but if you follow the 10 easy guidelines listed on page 61, you’ll have a beautiful greenhouse up-and-running BEFORE next weekend!


"And That's Not All You'll Find Inside Your Very Own Copy of 'The Layman's Guide to Greenhouse Mastery'"

I couldn't possibly summarize every last byte of useful information and cram it all onto a website (which, I might add, needs to be kept relatively short, to be interesting*) so chances are you'll stumble across something that I didn't note above.

I chose the best, however, there will be tips and tricks and so many secret methods that I haven't thought important, so I didn't list them, but I still included them in my book because I'm sure SOMEONE will benefit from them.

Trust me, you'll be amazed at the sheer volume of information.

Information that needs to be ACTED on.

Not stared at! Put into ACTION!


"Every Day that Passes by is Another Day Without Your Own Greenhouse."

Aren‘t you ready to know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and open the doors of your greenhouse to be greeted with an Eden of flourishing plants, produce - and anything else imaginable?

You don’t have a greenhouse today.

You won’t have one tomorrow.

And if you never take action to discover how truly easy it is to build and maintain an in-door garden to your own specifications, will you have one next week…next month…even 3 years from now?"

$37 is peanuts compared to what you'll lose if you go off track.

And TRUST ME, there are plenty of opportunities for you to crash and burn.

And we don't want that.

SHOW your family your beautiful greenhouse!

AMAZE your neighbors and friends with wonderful crop!

It's unbelievable how far this measly $37 will get you.

It's your choice.

I'll end here, leaving you to make your decision :)

Oh and by the way - probably most important of all - IF you can't seem to agree with me that this book is worth AT LEAST TEN TIMES your investment today, then I urge you to enforce your GOD given rights (below) -->



Here's My Personal Promise To You:Between Now and the Next 58 Days, You Fall in Love With Your Copy of "THE LAYMAN'S GUIDE TO GREENHOUSE MASTERY" or You Get a Full and Prompt Refund!

If for any reason at all you change your mind about ordering now; you think your investment of $37 isn't justifiable; or you've just found something better (or for less) - I'll promptly and courteously refund every penny of your money.

No conditions, no questions asked, and definitely no hard feelings.

You'll got a full 58 days to test out everything mentioned in the book, and if there's something you don't like (even if it's the color of the font!) then it is within your god given right to an immediate, quibble-free refund.

Even if it's the 59th minute of the 23rd hour of the 57th day.

And, as a way of showing my appreciation for taking the time to test drive my methods and techniques, I'll let you keep your copy FOREVER (whether you ask for a refund or not) - just for having faith in me.

That's how confident I am in the material that I prepared especially for you. In fact, you were just the person I was thinking of when I was putting this incredible resource together.

And finally, I respect your integrity and honesty, so I believe that you won't take advantage of me by trying to pull a "freebie" on me.

Even if you could get away it ;)


Hope to see you soon :)

I'm looking forward to your positive feedback!

Robert Crawford

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P.S. - Others may devote hours of their time and spend thousands of dollars on their greenhouse dreams -- but wouldn’t you rather spend as little as possible and have YOUR greenhouse nurturing plants by Thanksgiving?

(Of course you would, that's clearly obvious!)

After all…that’s how I did it, and that’s just a fraction of the hotly-coveted information I’ll be disclosing to YOU -- if you take action, NOW, that is…

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